Ends on June 1, 2019

Thank you for your interest in the Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program.

To start the process of applying to be a Summer AmeriCorps host site, scroll down this page. You may save and come back to this application as many times as needed to complete your application. All questions must be answered before submitting.

If you have any questions about hosting AmeriCorps Team Member(s) or the host application process, call Dannette Fadness 406-243-5181. If you have any technical problems with the Submittable application, call Kathy Peters 406-243-5135.

AmeriCorps Summer Member recruitment protocol: Prioritizing local, partner-led recruitment.

All approved host sites must recruit their Summer AmeriCorps candidate(s). 

Why? As a network of Montana colleges and universities, MTCC’s highest priority for service is Montanans! Summer members do not receive relocation or housing funds and recruiting locally will eliminate this burden. Service is a short 10 or 11 weeks! Recruiting a candidate from your local community, or someone familiar to your organization, will allow them to leave a greater impact on your organization, and perhaps begin a service commitment that lasts longer than the summer.

How will MTCC help in this process? MTCC’s network office will continue to advertise AmeriCorps Summer member positions in Montana colleges and pass interested candidates on to sites. Sites are more than welcome to contact MTCC staff to discuss local recruitment strategies. Locally, staff at our affiliate college campuses can help connect you with their students.

What will this process look like? After MTCC approves host site applications, candidate recruitment will begin. We encourage you to start generating a pool of interested candidates now! Host sites conduct interviews of prospective candidates and direct prospective candidates to formally apply to your My AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps Summer Member Position application (MTCC will provide this application link). MTCC must receive all AmeriCorps application items and approve candidates for national service* to formally place a candidate. MTCC will contact candidate(s) to ensure an understanding and compliance of AmeriCorps Summer Member terms, conditions and benefits.

*AmeriCorps member qualifications: members must be U.S. citizens and pass a background check and an NSOPW search. Members must be over the age of 18. They can be recent graduates of high school, but our preference is college students.  

Submission instructions:  All applications submitted to the MTCC network office. Required Supporting Documents must be submitted with signatures. Submissions will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

MTCC AmeriCorps Team Member Summer Application

  • Once submitted there is a two week Clarification period
  • Start recruiting for members ASAP 
  • All approved host sites must recruit their Summer Acandidate(s)
  • All AmeriCorps Team Members are required to attend a Pre-Service Orientation: Date TBA.  Make sure to schedule orientation with Dannette Fadness fadness@mtcompact.org